Trendy Gold Rings for Women

Our heart really does skip a beat whenever we see a gold ring and especially when they are trendy and in fashion. So, if you are planning to buy a gold ring too, you have landed at the right place.

You want to buy a gold ring but don't want to invest in something old fashioned or unpleasant at the same time because let's be real, trendy rings with a gold exterior actually are a big investment. So, just keep reading because we are listing the trendy styles of gold rings for women.

1.   The Cubic Zirconia Leaf Ring

The leaf rings are pretty trending these days mainly because how great they look and the best thing about them is that they give you a very festive look. If you are looking for a ring to go with all your clothes, a cubic zirconia leaf ring is going to be your ideal choice.

Also, these rings are golden colored or if you want, you could get one such gold ring tailor made. But, the best thing about these rings is their unique design. They also look kind of chunky so for 2023, you gotta get these rings.

2.   The Chunky Ring

Chunky shoes and accessories are trending in 2023, and people are all up for the idea of overwhelmingly chunky jewelry too. These chunky rings look great and are gold colored for all the girls out there that thrive on gold.

These rings are silky smooth and usually quite plain and minimalist. You can also get some hexagonal design in your chunky ring or make its upper part oval, and you won't believe how cute it would look.

3.  The Chain Link Ring

Chain link rings have also gained popularity recently, and these are becoming specifically popular among teenagers because of the way they look. These rings are designed as chains, and they fit perfectly on your hand.

Chain link ring is perfect for women and is not just trendy but also very stylish as well because every other person is getting chain rings these days on Tik Tok too. These rings don't have gems on top of them either, but they still look very attractive and go with the boho themed clothes a lot.

4.   The Triple Row Eternity Band Gold Ring

This ring looks quite similar to the cubic zirconia but the gems in this ring are not leaf shaped but mostly rounded. This too, is a chunky ring and looks very minimalist but cute if you pair it with a formal dress.

Row eternity ring could be made of silver too but the gold one looks a lot more adorable and the teenage girls are also going for gold ring these days.

5.  The Beaded Gold Ring

Though this design is not very out there, you have to buy this ring if you are truly a fan of cute and minimalist rings. This ring got the hype at the end of last year and is still in trend because it looks delicate and really enchanting.

At the time when the presentation matters the most, you need to buy a ring that gets you Instagram worthy images, and this ring does all that. This beaded ring seems as if tens of beads are glued together in a round-shaped design, and trust us, we haven't seen anything even closely aesthetic as this ring in a long while.

6.   The Index Finger Gold Ring

This ring looks just like a wrapped wire, and when you wear it, you will look cooler than ever, trust us. The design of this ring is simple, and it does not have any ornaments and just 3-4 layers of rounded rings.

The surface of this ring is pretty smooth, and the best thing about it is its golden color. Moreover, it is one of the trendy rings, and it literally goes with everything. You can wear it on birthdays as well as at clubs and parties. And when we say it goes with everything, it actually does.

7.   The Thin Beaded Gold Ring

If you want to save some cash and need to have a trendy gold ring, too, the best choice for you is a thin beaded ring. It looks really pretty and would not cost you an arm and a leg too. The best thing about this ring is its thin design.

It is plain and really thin, but if you want, you can get a small gem on top of it too. These rings are designed as beads and look really cute in pictures. You could wear them at formal parties without looking over the board.

8.   The Cubic Zirconia Rainbow Ring

This ring not only looks cool but it is made so intricately that elegance and style drip from all its corners. A lot of celebrities have also been spotted attending weddings while wearing a cubic zirconia rainbow ring.

This ring is slightly different from the cubic zirconia leaf ring because of the appearance obviously but also because this ring has a little more color in it and you could wear it to the clubs and parties too and not just to meetings and formal dinners.

9.   The Twisted Rope Ring

This ring currently seems an absolute favorite of every celebrity in Beverly Hills and it is a hot selling jewelry item in 2023 mainly because it is highly compatible with the boho lifestyle that people are into these days and it also goes with everything.

The design of this ring is pretty unique as it looks as if a rope made of gold is twisted. You get it, right? But trust us, this is one of the most intricately designed and pretty rings you will get your hands on and above all, it is all the hype in 2023.


So, we hope you now have a whole bunch of ideas for trendy rings and have finalized which one to buy. Buying a gold ring is a pretty big decision, but all you need to do is just look at the rings and find whichever one you like.

Also, all these rings have a big hype around them in 2023, so you would certainly be following a big trend of aesthetic rings, and above all, these rings look the coolest.